1855 / 5000 Hasil terjemahan Yele Fulang, A Creative Dance Born from Mythology

Helloindonesia.id – Tinombo is a beautiful village located in Parigi Moutong Regency, Central Sulawesi. From that village, a mythology was born which is still known by the people. The mythology tells of a daughter of the Saemandulang couple and the empress Yele Lumut who was the first king of Tinombo. The Princess of the Tinombo Kingdom is named Yele Fulang. As a teenager, he separated from his parents and founded a small kingdom around the Palasa River. Yele Fulang is famous for being beautiful, brave, and a king who is loved by his people.

The mythological story then inspired the birth of a dance creation called the Yele Fulang dance. This dance combines the basic movements of several traditional Central Sulawesi dances, such as the sarun dance, rego dance, moende dance, meaju dance, and kontao dance whose movements contain movements in pencak silat. In addition, the Yele Fulang dance cannot be separated from the influence of the Balia dance and the Kancara dance.

Yele fulang dance is a young dance that depicts the joy of a girl. Yele fulang dance movements tend to be dynamic and dominated by jumping movements. Therefore, in addition to the flexibility required, to perform this dance also requires extra strength. In terms of costumes, the Yele Fulang dance wears traditional tomini clothes that have been modified and combined with distinctive colors that symbolize the Moutong Kingdom, such as yellow and red.

The music that accompanies this dance performance comes from traditional music that has been combined with several modern musical instruments, such as guitar and bass. Yele fulang dance is a dance creation that comes from the indigenous culture of the people of Central Sulawesi. This dance represents the teenage girl of Tinombo Village who is cheerful, brave, but still elegant.

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