Exploring Central Sulawesi Bark Fabric Making

Helloindonesia.id – This wood bark is said to have been made since prehistoric times. This is evident from the discovery of bark beaters or commonly called ike stones at archaeological sites in Poso and Donggala regencies. This is a typical bark cloth from the Central Sulawesi region which is still being made.

The making of bark cloth is usually done by women and the manufacturing process is still very traditional. The manufacture is usually done after planting rice until waiting for harvest time.

Bark cloth is a type of cloth that resembles paper. Not all types of trees can be used to make textiles from wood. This cloth is made from the bark of the nunu tree (banyan tree) and ivo bark. The stems of the nunu tree or ivo tree measuring 110-130 cm are taken and the fibers that are found between the inner bone and outer skin are removed.

After that, it is cooked and then fremented and then beaten until evenly distributed using an ike stone. The dyeing of the bark cloth is taken from natural materials such as soaking in the mud to produce a brown color. In addition, this cloth is also soaked in flowers and various plants to produce other colors.

Bark cloth is usually made for several types of clothing such as traditional clothes for traditional ceremonies and daily wear.

Bark cloth also has various types of motifs such as horns, tumpal, flowers and rhombuses. These various types of motifs contain the meaning of courage, nobility, hospitality and unity. This bark cloth was exhibited at the Indonesian Textile Exhibition which was held at the Jakarta Textile Museum some time ago.

source : indonesiakaya.com

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