Assalamualaikaum wr wb.


hi all friends who have come to this web, sorry for this web is in endurance of production process, so apologize if there are many deficiencies in this and that.

okay first I first clear the main reason this web is built.

the most basic reason is “hoax”, if in remembering the day more hoax news, more and more appear. as if if people from outside see all Indonesian media always nemuin bad bad aja.

well that’s why I try to make this web, one of the web trying to lift the news cool news from Indonesia. whether the creativity of his youth, his tours, his education, his culture or his art.

I open a public form so people can know and can tell what they know. for example a friend’s friends have an interesting story disuatu vacation spot. or customs activities isitiadat, can also submit later I review. if ad cool gamabr can be sent meil dah. or later I love the form for the input file as well.

well essentially I want a site whose contents if people open our country look cool tu. great, his culture is awake, his young man is creative and passionate in his work.

okay maybe it was first post from me, for criticism and suggestion can be sent to
[email protected]

wasallamualaikum wr wb

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