Biapong Sulawesi – Indonesian snacks are one of the traditional snacks that are rich in terms of color, shape, and taste. The various kinds of traditional snacks served by the Indonesian people with their richness are a reflection of the cultural diversity and traditions of the archipelago. In customs there are also trade influences originating from India, China, the Middle East and Europe.

Talking about typical Indonesian snacks, namely the settlement of Chinese citizens in the archipelago has more or less influenced the culinary arts, one of which is Biapong. Biapong or in other areas is known as bakpao, so in Minahasa, North Sulawesi province, food like Baozi or Bakpao is known as Biapong.

Then what is biapong ?

In general, the Minahasa community must have been familiar with biapong culinary snacks. biapong is a bread dish containing pork and eggs in round white color and has a sweet taste which is liked by the Minahasa people, but it can be said that this is because the Minahasa people are dominated by the Christian community.

  • Biapong Sulawesi
  • Biapong Sulawesi
  • Biapong Sulawesi

Processed biapong itself is made from a mixture of wheat flour and yeast and the contents of the biapong can give a more delicious taste when eaten. then steamed in a fire stove with wood fuel as a source of fire, from this traditional processing process it will produce a distinctive aroma and make the taste of biapong more delicious.

The delicacy of biapong lies also in the contents in this cake. There are two variants of contents to choose from from the typical Minahasa biapong. first biapong stuffed with pork and second stuffed with black sticky rice. For black sticky rice itself, it can be an alternative choice for those who don’t like pork filled biapong.

Apart from the delicious filling of the biapong, there is a soft texture of wheat flour on the outside of this cake, when we taste the biapong our tongue will add its own feel of pleasure from the softness of the outer texture of the biapong and the delicious filling into one when we chew. While enjoying you can also order coffee to add to the delicacy of Biapong from this Minahasa land.

for those of you who want to taste the famous and popular biapong in the Minahasa land, you can visit the Kawangkoan area, North Sulawesi. the area which can be reached is about 45 minutes from Manado. The area that has cool air is indeed a very fitting place to enjoy a cup of coffee and a typical Minahasa biapong dish. ZA

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