Sate ragey – Sate may have become one of the culinary specialties of Indonesia. It is proven that every time there is a promotion abroad, the name of satay is always included in the list of foods that will be introduced to the international community. This food, which is identical to the puncture, has a variety of different types in each region in Indonesia. Call it the typical Madurese chicken satay, Balinese satay lilit, or the Tegal goat satay. In North Sulawesi, there is a special satay called ragey, which is jumbo-sized pork satay.

  • Sate ragey
  • Sate ragey

Like satay in general, ragey is also processed by being skewered and then grilled. The use of supporting ingredients such as spices supports the taste of ragey to be more delicious.

Ragey has a larger size than chicken satay or goat satay, even with pork satay. The difference is clear, ragey includes fat and meat together. This is also what makes ragey more delicious than pork satay.

Ragey is easy to find in the Tomohon and Kawangkoan areas, because this is where the original culinary riches of the Minahasa people can be found. But because of its delicacy, ragey began to spread to all corners of North Sulawesi.

The price of ragey is determined on a per skewer basis, not per serving like the satay that is often found in satay stalls in general. The price of a stick of ragey is usually sold at a price of Rp. 6,000-Rp. 10,000. It depends on how much meat is skewered to serve before you.

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