Sup Brenebon, Sup Peninggalan Belanda di Manado – Indonesia is an archipelagic country that is rich in cultural diversity. Starting from customs, ethnicity, language, to food. Talking about Indonesian food, it is famous for its spices which are its culinary identity. Thus, it attracts attention in various parts of the world for its delicious taste.

The number of immigrants who visited and even settled in Indonesia. Since the colonial era, they created cultural assimilation with local cuisine, especially the windmill country, which greatly influenced the growth and development of Indonesian cuisine that still exists today. As is the case in Manado, North Sulawesi. One of them is brenebon soup.

Sup Brenebon, Sup Peninggalan Belanda di Manado
Sup Brenebon, Sup Peninggalan Belanda di Manado

What is brenebon soup?

Brenebon soup is a food adapted from bruine bonen soup from the Netherlands. bruine bonen soup is more like heavy cream soup. While the brenebon soup uses typical Indonesian spices like soup in general, it has a clear, slightly red texture, this depends on the basic ingredients used. and gives a savory taste to this sauce.

There are 2 types of brenebon soup in Manado, namely red bean brenebon soup and pork. Red bean brenebon soup has a sweet taste, compared to pork brenebon soup which has a more savory taste. The brenebon soup from the Netherlands will be stronger in taste combined with typical Indonesian yeast such as cloves, nutmeg, pepper, celery and fried onions which make the brenebon soup even more delicious.

Generally by Manado people, brenebon soup is served as a dessert menu. with its small capacity is very suitable for desserts. Eating this dish is more delicious when the weather is cold and is worth a try when visiting the world-famous Bunaken National Park. ZA

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