Binyolos, Manado's Delicious Snacks – For those of you who are culinary lovers, Indonesia is an archipelagic country spread from Sabang to Merauke. Which is rich in cultural diversity. Not separated from culture, Indonesia also has natural wealth that produces a variety of plants to be processed into various traditional culinary foods. That make you feel as if you are exploring the archipelago.

Binyolos is a unique dish typical of Manado at a glance similar to jemblem. This delicious snack from North Sulawesi is commonly found in traditional markets and is very easy to find in the city of Manado. If jemblem on the island of Java uses cassava as a dough. Then binyolos uses sweet potato creations as the dough used.

  • Binyolos, Manado's Delicious Snacks
  • Binyolos, Manado's Delicious Snacks

What materials are needed?

Binyolos snacks are made from sweet potatoes that have been boiled beforehand with a mixture of ingredients. Such as wheat flour, salt, sugar, chopped walnuts and enough water. After that, stir all the ingredients until the dough is easy to form into a round. Don’t forget to add brown sugar to add to the sweet taste of the binyolos.

A very delicious time to eat this cake snack is in the morning, afternoon and when it rains. Enjoying binyolos will be more delicious by being served a piece of coffee or tea. Binyolos which gives a savory taste on the outside and sweet on the inside is perfect served with a warm drink when eaten when it rains.

Where is this snack easy to find?

Simply by visiting the city of Manado to the center of souvenirs or Culinary Center Tanutuan Wakekek in Manado. Your eyes will be spoiled with various kinds of cakes, especially the binyolos sellers who go back and forth selling these sweet cakes that are ready to be eaten.

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