Bebehas – Semas, healthy, independent, religious and prosperous is a motto for Muara Enim Regency. The district, which is rich in natural resources in the form of oil and gas and coal. Is located around 175 km from the capital of South Sumatra, Palembang. In addition to having natural resources that must be protected and used for the common good. Muara Enim also has a wealth of traditions that have been maintained for generations. One such tradition is Bebehas.


The history of the Bebehas tradition

Bebehas is a tradition that was often practiced by rural communities in Muara Enim Regency. Literally, Bebehas can be interpreted by making rice that was originally rice or collecting rice activities. The Bebehas tradition used to be done when a family would hold a celebration. Such as wanting to marry off their sons and daughters or what is commonly referred to as ngantenkan.

Bebehas tradition is only done by mothers and young women. The activity was carried out in mutual cooperation. In general, the Bebehas tradition is divided into several stages. The initial stage is done by starting to separate the rice on the stalk. Or what the people of Muara Enim call threshing. After the rice is separated from the stalks. The rice seeds are dried in the sun, this stage is called curling.

Rice that has been dried in the sun then enters the next stage, which is pounded using mortar. This process is done to separate the grains of rice with the skin. After peeling off the rice grains, the stage of displaying the rice seeds into a tool made of wooden blocks is what the people of Muara Enim call isaram.
The final stage of the Bebehas tradition is to bring the rice harvest to the place where the host will hold a ceremony. As an expression of gratitude, the owner of the event will provide gifts in the form of baskets containing various food ingredients, such as sugar, coffee and cooking oil. The various stages in the Bebehas tradition are carried out collaboratively, and are carried out naturally with an atmosphere of joy and sincerity.

Bebehas tradition now

As the original tradition of the Muara Enim community in the countryside, Bebehas has been increasingly eroded by advances in technology and time. This tradition is increasingly rare or even never found again. That is because the lifestyle of being together and working together is increasingly marginalized, and replaced by individualistic lifestyles. In fact, Bebehas depends on the noble values ​​of the people of Muara Enim who are friendly, respectful, and grateful for the abundance of blessings given by God.

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