Gondariah Beach

Helloindonesia.id – It feels incomplete if you come to the City of Pariaman not stop by this beach. Gandoriah Beach name, a tourist beach with panoramic views of small islands in the center of the City of Pariaman. The combination of strategic position, beautiful panorama, and sloping contours, makes this beach one of the most popular beach attractions here.

Gondariah Beach
Gondariah Beach

The origin of the name Gandoriah Beach has its own story. Gandoriah is the name of a girl in Minangkabau folklore. According to the Head of Marketing and Tourism Cooperation of Pariaman City, Asnul Nazar, this story is increasingly less known to the public, except by community elders. The story tells the love journey of a young man named Anggun Nan Tongga with Puti Gandoriah, who is none other than his cousin.

Narrated, Anggun Nan Tongga went sailing to find three mamak (uncle) who did not go home from overseas. On the journey that passed many obstacles, Nan Tongga managed to find his uncles one by one. Because of the betrayal of a friend who first returned to his hometown, Puti Gandoriah thought his lover had died.

In his sadness, Puti Gandoriah decided to meditate on Mount Ledang. This story ended tragically when Nan Tongga and Puti Gandoriah met again but had to accept the fact that they were brothers and sisters who were not allowed to marry each other.

Nan Tongga in the folklore will later be named a hotel on the edge of Pariaman Beach, which is the oldest hotel in the city. The existence of this hotel became the inspiration for the name of the beach by the Padang Pariaman District Tourism Office at that time.

According to Mr. Murad Masri, Head of the Office of Tourism for the period 1983-1995, initially there were three naming options namely, Piaman Indah, Angso Duo, and Gandoriah. Of the three options, finally the name Gandoriah was chosen and inaugurated as the name of this beach during the reign of Regent Zainal Bakar (1990-1994).

Sea panorama has become one of the main advantages of this beach. Off the coast there are at least 6 small islands that look like decorating the horizon. The six islands are Kasiak Island, Angso Island, Tangah Island, Ujung Island, Gosong Island and Bando Island.

Besides being able to be enjoyed as part of the panoramic view of the sea, most of the island can be visited with a travel time of about 20 minutes.

Besides enjoying the beauty of the panorama, this beach also presents a variety of marine recreation activities that can be an option while on vacation. Among them, swimming, surfing, and various other types of beach sports. Unfortunately, these recreational facilities are only partially available during weekends and holiday seasons.

The superiority of Gandoriah Beach is also supported by its strategic access. Its position in the city center makes access to public transportation such as angkot and inter-city buses not too difficult to find here.

In addition, there are train lines that connect this beach directly with the city of Padang. In fact, the position of the station was right in front of the gate. No wonder if PT. KAI then presents the route of the Padang-Pariaman train tour route which operates every weekend.

According to local tourism office records, the intensity of tourist visits to the beach is relatively high, especially at cultural events such as the Tabuik Festival.

Every year, this beach is indeed the location of the main event of tabuik tradition, namely when the tabuik is dumped into the sea. Therefore, if when the momentum arrives, this beach turns into a sea of ​​people who come from all over West Sumatra.

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