Helloindonesia.id – The Malay family has very rich arts, from music to dance. These various arts become cultural heritages that enrich the cultural fabric in Indonesia. One of the dances originating from the Malay family is the tanjung katung dance.

Tanjung Katung Dance
Tanjung Katung Dance

Tanjung Katung dance which is also known as the dance song two has a distinctive movement, the movement that is named step two or multiple. This dance also prioritizes the unity of motion between dancers.

This dance is usually danced by young people in pairs. But over time, there was a modification in this dance and danced by adult dancers.

The music used to accompany this dance comes from traditional Malay music with rhythmic and fast rhythmic songs. Songs like, “Tanjung Katung”, “Bunga Melati”, “Permal jermal” are usually used as tanjung katung dance accompaniments.

Meanwhile, the clothes worn by dancers are usually green with gold alloy color. The female dancer wears a kebaya, a shawl and headdress. Meanwhile, for male dancers, there are no special clothes – except skullcap.

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