Mie Cakalang, Manado’s Typical Dish Menu

Mie Cakalang, Manado's Typical Dish Menu

Helloindonesia.id – Manado is one of the regions in Indonesia which is known for its variety of culinary delights. Many culinary delights can be found in the capital of North Sulawesi. No wonder so many tourists visit to stop by and enjoy Manado specialties. One of the dishes favored by tourists is Mie Cakalang.

  • Mie Cakalang, Menu Hidangan Khas Manado
  • Mie Cakalang, Menu Hidangan Khas Manado

The delicious aroma of the distinctive skipjack tuna is able to arouse the taste buds of the visitors. Cakalang noodle itself is a special noodle dish served with skipjack fish. With a mixture of skipjack tuna can add a savory and delicious taste. Moreover, this dish is given a seasoning that is mixed with the typical Manado taste.

Usually the spices for this special dish include shallots, green onions, and sliced ​​skipjack tuna on top of the noodles. After that, with the addition of a little bit of pepper, it gives a slightly spicy taste when you taste it. The combination of Manado special spices and skipjack tuna is so delicious and delicious when eaten. Enjoying this dish makes tourists to continue to eat it until it runs out and nothing is left.

This dish is usually sprinkled with a little fried onion which makes our appetite more delicious. To add to the enjoyment of the noodles, usually two types of chili sauce are served, namely green chili sauce and red chili sauce. These two types of sambal also have a different taste. If the green chili is boiled and then pulverized it is mixed with vinegar, water and salt. Meanwhile, the red chili sauce doesn’t need to be boiled and then pulverized with a little garlic and ginger.

Many Manado people eat skipjack noodles with Manado porridge for breakfast. Cakalang noodles themselves are not difficult to find, because in almost every corner of Manado city there are many sellers of skipjack noodles.