National Evergraduate day – every September 29 is celebrated as National Scholars Day. Congratulations on National Bachelor’s Day adorn social media, but if you look for the origin and history of the National Bachelor’s Day commemoration, you will not find any valid references.

In fact, there is no official institution that commemorates National Bachelor’s Day. nor by the government and educational institutions. Commemoration of National Bachelor’s Day is said to be commemorated as a tribute to academics and the role of scholars in nation building.

It’s a bit difficult to find the origin of the idea of ​​National Scholars Day. research results, the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Twitter posted on its Facebook and Twitter pages “Happy National Bachelor Day on September 29, 2014. Even the tweets did not use official logos or pamphlets.

National Bachelor Day seems to be celebrated every year as a collective movement on social media. Sayings of the National Bachelor’s Day are always trending on twitter every September 29 but there are no warnings in educational institutions.

Unika Atmajaya indeed initiated a discussion in the context of National Bachelor’s Day in celebration of Bachelor’s Day in 2015. The discussion held the theme of National Bachelor’s Day: The Role of Universities in Eradicating Corruption. You could say there are not many scientific events held to commemorate National Bachelor Day.

Several campuses also held activities in the context of Bachelor’s Day, but there were not many of them.

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