Panjang Beach – Long Beach “Pantai Panjang” in Bengkulu City is not as luxurious as Kuta Beach in Bali. Not as comfortable as Parang Tritis Jogjakarta Beach and not as famous as Losari Beach. However, Pantai Panjang is typical of Bengkulu, the typical Bumi Rafflesia and starts moving towards its peak which is fame, luxury and comfort.

Panjang Beach
Panjang Beach

Bengkulu Long Beach “Pantai Panjang” has become a daily tourist attraction for the citizens of Bengkulu City and surrounding areas
Since being completely renovated during the era of Bengkulu Governor Agusrin M Najamudin, Long Beach “Pantai Panjang” began to be glimpsed by tourists, not only local but from various regions. But at that time, the new Pantai Panjang was available in the form of a road that was opened extending to reach the Jalan Sungai Sungai area. A coastal barrier was also built.

This beach will spill over during the celebration of the Ark festival. The vehicle was almost solid when it reached the top of the Ark. On normal days, this beach is still crowded with local people. Its strategic location on the edge of the city and easily accessible makes the people of Bengkulu easily visit it, even at no cost.

The government also began to organize slowly, starting with the construction of the icon in the form of colorful Long Beach “Pantai Panjang” posts into a selfie spot for visitors. Not only that, the beach area is also equipped with sport center facilities that can be used for events and young people’s creativity.

Panjang Beach
Panjang Beach

Bengkulu City Government has also begun to show its concern by building a culinary center building even though it has not yet been functioned. Now various snacks began to adorn the lip of the road almost along the Long Beach “Pantai Panjang” . Not only snacks, salted fish, sea fish, clothes and garlic, onions to eel fish species are also sold along the road.

People who are bored can ride the dokar also ride on ATV type motorcycles. The rent is cheap according to the service.

If in the past the Long Beach “Pantai Panjang” tourist area there were no police officers who surrounded, now the Police have opened guard posts in the area. Every time the police hold patrols around the beach area. Now it is rarely even almost no longer heard of cases of mugging in coastal areas. Thank you, police officer.

Complete culinary

Culinary offerings are not inferior to the market in general. Various kinds of culinary are offered along the beach area. What do you want, stay around while enjoying the beauty of the beach and the crowds of visitors. For those who are accustomed to modern lifestyle, not far from the center of the beach there is Bencolen Mall which is ready to serve you with pleasure to shop.

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