Fort Marlborough – Visiting Bengkulu is incomplete if you do not set foot in Fort Marlborough or in foreign languages ​​it is called Fort Marlborough. Located on Jalan Ahmad Yani, Bengkulu, this fort was a fortress built by the East Indies Company in 1713-1719 and was used as a British stronghold which was under the leadership of the governor Joseph Callet.

Currently, this fort is a cultural heritage building that stands on an artificial hill, its position facing the city of Bengkulu and the back of the Indian Ocean. Special, this building has a complete building structure consisting of sections, including bastions (guard buildings) in all four corners, a moat around the fort and a bridge connecting the entrance and the main building, and there is an underground tunnel to Pantai Panjang, Padak Tread and Regional Buildings or often referred to as the Governor’s Palace. You can enjoy the splendor of this fortress only by paying an entrance ticket for IDR 2,500.00 per person.

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