Kipas Serumpun – Kipas Serumpun Dance is a dance creation from the Regency of Banyuasin, South Sumatra. This dance tells the story of friendship between communities. Banyuasin as one of the districts in South Sumatra is known as an area inhabited by many tribes and religions. This Kipas Serumpun was later created to unite them in excitement.

Kipas Serumpun
Kipas Serumpun

The Kipas Serumpun dance is danced by eight dancers who are all women. As a dance creation, the number is not a standard benchmark in the dance so that it can be added or subtracted and adjusted to the size of the stage.

Kipas Serumpun dancer wears brackets dominated by golden colors as a characteristic of South Sumatra’s customs. These characteristics can also be seen from the use of siger as a head covering commonly worn by brides in traditional marriages. In accordance with the name of this dance, the fan becomes the main property in the performance. The dance motion created by the Kipas Serumpun is dominated by agile hand movements. The movement to move positions to make formations also often occurs in dance, this illustrates the joy of the Banyuasin women in a public party.

As with most dance creations from South Sumatra, the Kipas Serumpun dance is also accompanied by music that comes from a combination of various traditional musical instruments, such as drums, percussion, and accordions as the hallmark of Malay Malay music. The use of electronic guitar and bass is a complement to produce great music.

The allied Kipas Serumpun contains meaning about the importance of mutual cooperation among humans. The mutual assistance attitude merges into the joy reflected in a people’s party. Mutual cooperation in togetherness is important for the Banyuasin region which is increasingly heterogeneous and has many differences in the background of Malay culture.

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