Ranca Buaya Beach, Exotic Coral Stones in West Java

Helloindonesia.id – One of the uniqueness of Rancabuaya Beach is its rocky contour. You will find small fish carried by waves trapped in the reefs. The existence of a waterfall, or waterfall in the local language, adds to the beauty of this beach.

The beach is located in Purbayani Village, Caringin District, Garut, which has an area of ​​10 hectares. The area that has been utilized for tourism facilities is around 2 hectares.

On the beach that also functions as this port, you will see a line of fishing boats. From the fishermen and stalls around the beach, you can get fresh fish.

A line of fishing boats on Rancabuaya Beach. (Photo: sumber.com)
The rocky beach with large waves is not suitable for swimming. Instead, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach and the sea off the turquoise Indian Ocean with the big waves.

The view of sunset in this place is very beautiful. Near Rancabuaya Beach there is also a peak that is very suitable as a place to enjoy the sunrise, named Puncak Guha Garut.

On this beach there is also a cave called Goa Lalai or Goa Kelelawar. This cave is on land, its shape is like a cliff that rises directly into the ocean. Underneath there are corals that are hit by many bats. Every now and then the waves wet the rocks in the cave.

Goa Bat is dangerous. Therefore, visitors are prohibited from going down to enter it. Anyone who falls will be washed away by the waves into the ocean. And, certainly he never returned.

The distance from Bandung is around 167 kilometers, which can be taken about six hours by motorized vehicle. The journey to Rancabuaya became a pleasure. Along the way, you will be treated to stunning panoramas, including mountains, rice fields, and beautiful tea plantations.

There are dozens of villas and inns with varying prices. In addition, places to eat and health facilities are easily available. It’s a shame to miss, especially for those of you who happen to be on vacation in Garut.

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