Batik Jambi
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Batik Jambi unique and awesome

Helloindonesia.id – Indonesia can be proud because batik has been designated as world cultural heritage. It is not surprising considering so many batik-producing areas in this country. The motives are different and each region has its own peculiarities. One of the batik-producing regions is Jambi. Batik cloth was first brought and introduced in this area […]

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The historic Batu Olakemang House of Jambi

Helloindonesia.id – As with some places in regions in Indonesia, like a palace, this house is also an attractive tourist destination for those of you who visit Jambi. The Olakemang Stone House is located in the Datuk Said Idrus Al-Djufri (Pangeran Wirokusumo) Cultural Heritage House and is currently owned by the prince’s family. Based on […]

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the Be Bengawak Dance
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Magical Elements in the Be Bengawak Dance

Helloindonesia.id – Jambi culture is inseparable from river culture, considering that the area is one of the regions in the archipelago that has a lot of river flow. Catching fish in the river for Jambi children is a fun activity, besides being able to play water, catch fish can be brought home or resold. The […]

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