Helloindonesia.id – As with some places in regions in Indonesia, like a palace, this house is also an attractive tourist destination for those of you who visit Jambi. The Olakemang Stone House is located in the Datuk Said Idrus Al-Djufri (Pangeran Wirokusumo) Cultural Heritage House and is currently owned by the prince’s family.

Based on the guest speaker Ms. Sari Paseha (great-grandchild), the front yard of this house was once faced with the Batanghari river.

The initial building design had a dragon image on it but now it was gone and was replaced with zinc. The opposite dragon is also seen in the front gate of the home page.

The age of this house is estimated to be more than 200 years, but it still stands even though the original building has no supporting iron or fork.

Until now, although it has been established by the government as a cultural heritage house, it has not been repaired and managed properly.

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