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Indonesian Turtle Islands – One of the attractions of the archipelago is the turtle islands. Turtle movements since ancient times are believed to be a sign of the current flow of warmth. With turtle islands and its strategic position-located between 2 oceans and located at the southern pole horizon-Archipelago stores information about fishing time, shipping time, trade-stops […]

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penyu belimbing
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Jamursba Medi Beach Papua Where leatherback turtles lay eggs

Tambrauw – Leatherback turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) are called to have the widest range of movements compared to other types of reptiles. Based on the Turtle Conservation Management Technical Guidelines (2009), Jamursba Medi Beach in Tambrauw District, West Papua, is the nesting location for the largest leatherback turtle in the Pacific region. Leatherback turtles after laying […]

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