Helloindonesia.id – One of the attractions of the archipelago is the turtle islands. Turtle movements since ancient times are believed to be a sign of the current flow of warmth.

With turtle islands and its strategic position-located between 2 oceans and located at the southern pole horizon-Archipelago stores information about fishing time, shipping time, trade-stops in trade flows, and the development of new cultures.

Indonesia has 6 species of turtles-of the 7 species in the world-green turtles, scales turtles, turtles, starving turtles that reach 2.75 meters in length and weighing 600-900 kilograms, flat turtles, and turkey turtles .

Of the various types of turtles, turtle breeding can also be identified where turtles will have a hereditary marker on the laying and travel paths. Green turtles, for example, become exceptional adventurers, whose adventure trails continue to be the observation of experts on the geographical and geological conditions of the waters and the coast of the world.

The archipelago became an important point for the observation of the relationship between turtles and human life as seen in areas such as the Derawan Islands, Raja Ampat Islands, Ujung Genteng Sukabumi (West Java), Tanjung Belimbing (West Kalimantan), and Wakatobi Islands.

The nature and the various lives in it are almost identical gestures. Looking at the spice islands, we see nature as an indicator of how the world of flora and fauna, including humans in it.

Turtles travel hundreds of miles, but always return to where they were born. The adventure track shows the warm flow path of the marine waters. Upon returning, the turtles are like giving value to the land they go to-which have the right tropical warmth.

From here we can take advantage of the knowledge of warm flow and coastal quality, both useful for nature and for humanity.

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