Crispy anchovies – As one of the fishing villages in Belitung. Tanjung Binga is known as one of the sea fish center areas. In addition to being processed into salted fish. The fish caught by the fishermen are also processed into various food products, one of which is crispy anchovy.

Crispy anchovies
Crispy anchovies

Teri krispi is one of the foods that are so well known around Sijuk Village, Tanjung Binga. This food is often found in stalls along the Sijuk area. One of the places that sells krispi anchovies is in the stalls around Tanjung Tinggi Beach. In addition to Sijuk Village, the anchovy chips of Tanjung Binga have also been sold in the Belitung area.

The taste is salty and tasty to make anchovies crispy so delicious when eaten. The basic ingredients of fresh anchovy that are captured by the fishermen of Tanjung Binga Village. Make it one of the most popular snacks in the Belitung community. This crispy anchovies have several flavors such as balado, cheese, and don’t forget the original taste.

The basic ingredients of these snacks

Crispy anchovies are made from ingredients such as medium-sized anchovies, rice flour, tapioca flour, salt, garlic, eggs, and pepper. The combination of these ingredients is processed into one and produces delicious culinary specialties.

For those of you who happen to be in Sijuk Village, don’t forget to taste the culinary specialties of the Belitung community. You can also buy these anchovies to be used as souvenirs for your family at home. Besides being used as a snack, crispy anchovies are also very suitable for friends who eat rice that is so appetizing.

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