The silence of the atmosphere in the Dead Sea, Rote – Hearing his name suddenly reminded us of a unique natural phenomenon that is, dead sea lakes in the Middle East located on the borders of Israel, Jordan and Palestine. Not as scary as the name, these two dead seas have in common, they both have their own charm, although in terms of appearance, the two lakes clearly look different from each other.

The location of the dead sea is in Sipuk Hamlet, Sotimori Village, East Rote District, Rote Ndao Regency. The atmosphere around the lake was very quiet and silent, even barely visible around the lake. The tourists who come to Rote Island are more likely to explore the western part of the island, because that is where there are rows of beaches with global waves in the world of surfing, Nemberala and Bo’a.

This tourism object has its own uniqueness, one of which is the sand that comes from the shells (conch). The water content in the Dead Sea Rote is different from sea water in general, which is not too salty. Because that is said to be the fish that usually live in fresh water like Mujair Fish can live and develop in this dead sea lake. This is based on the visions of local residents who observe and examine the physical form of the fish. While from the dead sea lakes to the open sea, it is about 1 km.

Access to Tourist Locations
Access to the route to Rote Island from Kupang City can be reached by air and sea, with detailed explanations as follows:

  1. Via air, visitors can use the aircraft from El Tari Kupang Airport to Lekunik Rote Airport, using airlines that serve the Kupang-Rote-Kupang route, namely Trans Nusa and Susi Air, at a cost of around 200-300 thousand rupiah for a single flight. The schedule is 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday / Saturday (the schedule may change depending on weather conditions and conditions).
  2. While via the sea there are 2 alternative choices of ships, namely using a slow boat (ferry) and fast boat (speed boat). If the visitor chooses to use the ferry, the departure time is at 08.00 WITA from Bolok Port, Kupang and then anchors at Pantai Baru Port, Rote. The crossing time takes up to 3-4 hours (depending on weather and sea conditions). And for those who choose the alternative fast boat depart, namely from the Port of Tenau, Kupang with the departure time at 08.00 WITA. Travel by fast boat takes around 1.5-2 hours depending on wind and wave conditions at sea.

Upon arrival at Pantai Baru Port (Rote Ndao) visitors can continue their journey to Ba’a City. The distance from Pantai Baru Port to Ba’a City is around 45 minutes, with smooth paved road conditions. For transportation while on Rote Island, visitors can rent motorbikes or cars in the center of Ba’a City.

Located about 6 km from the center of the city of Ba’a, access to the Dead Sea lake requires a travel time of around 90 minutes by motorized vehicle. The road conditions are quite good even though at some point there are hollow and rocky roads.

There are no supporting facilities around the area of ​​the Dead Sea lake, so is the case with public transportation that is not yet available to get to this lake. It’s really unfortunate to see this lake has tourism potential that can still be developed in the future. This dead sea lake will be a much more challenging and enjoyable tourist attraction, if provided supporting facilities such as boats or jet skis that visitors can use to get around the small islands around it.

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