Witness the Exclamation of the Barapan Kebo in West Sumbawa

Helloindonesia.id – Madura has a well-known tradition of cow racing, West Sumatra has a jawi runway as a tradition, not to forget Sumbawa Island also has baroque kebo which is the pride of its people. Precisely in West Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, barapan kebo has taken root and is a tradition that is always awaited for its sustainability.

Excitement will always be created when kebo races are held. The buffalo owners enthusiastically bring their choice of buffalo to be compared with other buffaloes. Usually held before and after the harvest season, barapan kebo is a manifestation of the gratitude of the Sumbawa people to the Almighty, as well as being a way to disperse the land. In addition, barapan kebo also connects the Sumbawa community to others by sharing happiness.

This tradition that has taken root in the culture of the Sumbawa people is carried out in the selected paddy fields. Each buffalo who is a participant is distinguished by age, from kindergarten to adult class. The age of buffalo is usually from 1 year to 5 years – when buffalo has reached adulthood.

When the kebo barapan is held, the people of Sumbawa and its surroundings will flock to watch the race run. The thrill of the match is a very interesting spectacle. Moreover, the muddy rice fields sometimes make the faces of the jockeys black with mud and this is very much awaited by fans of the baroque kebo for inviting laughter.

The task of jockeys in the kebo barapan area is not only riding buffaloes. Speed ​​and how to balance the body in driving a buffalo to hit Saka are also things that are not easy to do. Saka which is a wooden stick stuck in one corner of a rice field is a pillar for jockeys to be able to drop or hit Saka in the shortest possible time.

Kebo lineup participants do not target the prize given, because it is not too big. Barapan kebo is more an arena of betting on self-esteem and dignity. Not to mention the high price of buffalo if you succeed in becoming the champion. Just imagine the price of a buffalo can rise to Rp100 million. Amazing, isn’t it?

Barapan kebo is one of the traditions of the Sumbawa community which is a wealth of the archipelago’s traditional treasures. It is the responsibility of the younger generation to love their own culture so that traditions such as barapan kebo are not lost in time.
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