Perahu layar bertolak perang ke Selatan
Kembali pulang membawa kemenangan
Makanan terbaik untuk Sang Sultan
Pali-pali berkilau kenikmatan

A stretch of rhyme describes one type of very classy food in the Sultanate of Ternate. The name Pali-pali, is an oval-shaped rice cake but packaged in plaits like ketupat. That said, this food is a favorite dish of the Sultan in Ternate. In fact, the cook we met mentioned that Pali-Pali is usually only made when there is an Sultanate event.

At first glance, this food is indeed like rice cake. Only the way to make it more like a diamond. Pali-pali is made from rice which is put in woven woven palm leaves but without coconut milk at all. Pali-pali is shaped round and oval to form a lontong, however woven palm leaves make Pali-pali look more attractive. To make it take approximately 1.5 hours to steam raw Pali-pali that has been formed. After that, this food can be drained and ready to be served.

In terms of taste, we can be sure this food has a unique flavor. This flavor arises from the palm leaf wrapper, of course, very different from the rice cake wrapped in banana leaves. It feels more or less like ketupat we know to be the main food when Eid. Pali-pali is eaten just like it is delicious, even more so when making it a companion of foods such as Gohu Ikan or other Ternate special foods.

Not everyone is worthy of making Pali Pali. For the people of Ternate, Pali-Pali is a sacred food whose appearance is only awaited when special events of the Sultanate. Not only that, to make Pali-pali someone must get the blessing of the family of the Sultanate which usually applies from generation to generation.

Pali-pali is one of the culinary mosaics in Ternate that is so delicious and has tremendous value. Indeed, it seems that this food is simple, but who would have thought that behind the simplicity of Pali-Pali is high-class food. We must preserve this value together and preserve it, given the increasing influence of instant and modern culinary which endangers the sustainability of food such as Pali-pali.


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