Rondang Bulan Traditional Dance in Tapanuli – An agile and slightly cheerful dance movement can be seen from this one dance. Facial expressions full of laughter were seen from the expressions on the faces of the dancers who performed this dance on the stage. This is the rondang bulan dance, a typical dance from South Tapanuli, North Sumatra.

Rondang bulan dance is a dance that describes the joy of Mandailing girls. This can be seen from the dancer’s expression that reflects the joy throughout the dance.

On the stage, the dancers carry out swaying movements while occasionally forming a circle. While circling the circle the dancers click their fingers with occasional applause.

Rondang bulan dance in South Tapanuli is usually danced cheerfully under the rays of a full moon. Rondang Bulan itself in the language of South Tapanuli means bright moon.

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