Gandaria Fruit Juice: A Combination of Mango and Orange Juice with Extraordinary Benefits – Indonesia is a country with a tropical region that benefits naturally. This condition makes Indonesia have more natural resources than countries outside the tropics. One of the advantages is that many types of food crops can grow in Indonesia and eventually Indonesian people can use them to meet food needs. One of the fertile areas overgrown with food crops is East Indonesia, especially Ambon Island.

Ambon Island saves a lot of natural wealth and one of the results of this wealth is fruit that thrives and benefits the population. Of the many fruits produced by Ambon land, there is one that we often hear the name of, but for the people of West Indonesia, it is rare for people to know the shape, let alone taste. This fruit is called Gandaria. Hearing his name, what was imagined was only the name of the area in DKI Jakarta and it did not occur at all if this one fruit was a fruit with many benefits.

Actually not only the fruit, but almost all parts of the Gandaria plant have tremendous benefits for human life. The log of this plant can be used as a board, the leaves can be eaten as fresh vegetables, and the fruit can be consumed either in a mature state or still rather young. Ripe fruit can be eaten just like that or served as a drink, while the young ones are usually served or made as a complement to the instant chili sauce. Gandaria fruit is a small round shape with thin skin wrapping its flesh, while the seeds are slightly oval and hard enough for this small fruit. Many benefits from Gandaria fruit, some of which are a source of vitamin C and as an antioxidant to prevent the development of cancer cells in the human body.

One way to process Gandaria fruit is to make juice drinks. To make this juice drink, we need mature, yellowish Gandaria fruit. Before being put together in a juice machine, Gandaria fruit must be peeled and separated from the seeds. Without juice, this fruit feels good. It feels like a mixture of sweet and sour like a Citrus Mango Fruit. The texture of Gandaria fruit juice is similar to Mango juice, which is not too liquid, but is rich in fruit fibers. By making it a juice drink, Gandaria fruit fiber will increasingly feel and have a positive impact on anyone who drinks it.

Gandaria fruit is a fruit that is quite easy to find in Maluku, especially Ambon. Gandaria plants grow well in all areas of Ambon, both lowlands and highlands. But keep in mind that Gandaria is a seasonal fruit. The harvest period of Gandaria fruit is usually around September-December, but the seller can still be found until February. In those months we will find Gandaria Fruit along the streets of Ambon

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