Manado Halua Walnut Brown Color – Visiting Manado City, North Sulawesi is one of the favorite places to travel in the famous Bunaken nature. However, it’s incomplete if you don’t bring gifts for your loved ones at home. Many choices of souvenirs that can be brought home ranging from objects to Manado specialties. One of Manado’s culinary delights is halua walnut.

  • Warna Coklat Halua Kenari Khas Manado
  • Warna Coklat Halua Kenari Khas Manado
  • Warna Coklat Halua Kenari Khas Manado

Halua walnut snack itself is made from walnut seeds obtained from the walnut tree. The walnut tree which has a height of 40 meters and a diameter of 100 cm is scattered in various parts of the world. In Indonesia, walnut trees generally grow in eastern Indonesia. One of them is North Maluku ternate. Has an abundance of walnut seed production commonly called walnuts. However, this halua walnut snack can also be found in the Manado area, one of which is.

This one snack has a legit sweet taste that is very popular with many connoisseurs. These beans are wrapped in brown sugar, typical of Manado, which is famous for its unique taste. With its shape like an irregular lump of rock, it looks like it has a rough texture but is sweet when tasted. In addition to its sweet and delicious taste, this snack is also beneficial for health.

How to get halua walnut

The specialty of walnuts which have low fat content, is able to support a diet program. Because this one seed is different from other grains. In addition, walnuts are also rich in protein.
It is not difficult to find this snack. Come to Manado City, you can buy it at Karegesan, Kauditan Minut District, North Sulawesi. With various prices, it is enough to pay Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 45,000. The price is in accordance with the size of the weight of the contents listed in the typical Manado souvenir packaging. Enjoying halua walnut will be more enjoyable when relaxing and talking.

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