The traditional village of Bayan, North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara is a community of Sasak tribes who still adhere to their ancestral traditions. This can be seen from the form of houses, mosques, traditional ceremonies, and lifestyles that still maintain their ancestral heritage.

Senaru Traditional Village

Their traditional house, the roof is made of sago palm, bamboo walls, and the floor is from compacted soil. The house building does not have dividers and windows, only one door facing west or east. Each house has a beruga, a kind of gazebo, with six pillars so that it is also called sekuga.

Then there was the ancient Bayan Beleq mosque which witnessed the initial spread of Islam on Lombok. Mosque architecture has been maintained since it was founded around the 16th century. This mosque was built with bamboo and wood without using nails. The floor is from compacted soil. Lighting still uses a torch.

The Bayan indigenous people also have a tradition of preserving the surrounding environment. There are six customary forests scattered in three regions. Each is guarded by traditional forest stakeholders.

Forests are also protected by adat rules or awiq-awiq. Those who damage customary forests will be punished. For example, someone who cut one tree was fined one buffalo, one quintal of rice, and 244 pieces of hollow money.

Bayan Village, located about 75 kilometers from Mataram, has an area of ​​around 2,600 ha. Bayan is one of 6 villages in Bayan District, West Lombok Regency.

This area stretches from the foot of Mount Rinjani to the north coast. The location is adjacent to Senaru Village which is the entrance to the climb of Mount Rinjani (3,726 meters).

The people of Desa Adat Bayan generally work as farmers. Cultivated plants include rice, vegetables, coconuts, fruits, shallots, and garlic.

The lifestyle of the people there still adheres to traditions inherited from ancestors. For example, in the Kampu area – a sanctified area – there are several traditional houses that are divided and named according to their functions, characteristics, or profession.

The village area is intended for indigenous stakeholders. Not just anyone can enter this area.

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