Brengkes Tempoyak

Helloindonesia.idSouth Sumatra is synonymous with the kingdom of Srivijaya. Known as the largest maritime kingdom in the archipelago in his day. This maritime pattern is pervasive and ingrained in the culture of the people of South Sumatra. So they are known to have a very close relationship with marine life. No exception at the dinner table. So many traditional dishes are produced using the main ingredients in the form of marine wealth. One of which is the Brengkes tempoyak.

Brengkes Tempoyak is a traditional South Sumatra cuisine which generally uses catfish as its main ingredient. The culinary side of this one is the use of durian fermentation as a mixture of seasonings. So the taste produced by Brengkes Tempoyak is unique, a blend of savory, sweet, spicy, and sour flavors in one dish.

History of Brengkes Tempoyak

Etymologically, the name brengkes originates from Java which is commensurate with pepes, namely how to process steamed fish meat together with spices. While tempoyak is the name of a processed spice made from durian mixed with a little salt. To produce good tempoyak, durian is needed which is ripe, crispy, and has little water content. The duration of fermentation ranges from 7-14 days.

Ingredients used to make Brengkes Tempoyak include red peppers, onions, lemongrass, brown sugar, laos, and turmeric. The ingredients are then ground into ingredients. In making Tempoyak Brengkes, catfish are usually chosen as the main ingredients. Abas, one of the chefs managing a restaurant in Jalan Diponegoro, Palembang city, revealed that catfish was chosen because it tastes tastier compared to other fish.

How to Cook Tempoyak Brengkes

The way to make Tempoyak Brengkes is very simple, at first, the catfish is cleaned from its scales, then cut into large pieces according to taste. Cook the seasoning that has been mashed, then add the tempoyak that has been prepared before. After the spices and tempoyak are mixed, then add the chopped catfish. Cook until cooked and tempoyak spices seep into the fish.

Abas added, although the way to make it look easy, it requires more expertise and knowledge to be able to produce Brengkes Tempoyak with a distinctive taste. Because, it is not an easy thing to be able to unite two different elements, namely durian, and fish into one dish.

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