danau weduri

Helloindonesia.id – Located in Kalenarogo Village, Kodi Utara Subdistrict, Southwest Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Lake Weekuri began to be visited by tourists lately. Lake Weekuri which is bluish green is a lake that is very unique when compared to lakes in general in Indonesia because of its salty and brackish water content. Why is it salty? Because actually this lake is a lagoon formed from loose ocean water in the range of the lake. The water enters from rock crevices which are in a cluster of coral around the lake. In addition to the nature of brackish water brought from the sea, unique in this lake there are several sources of springs that make the color gradation of water in the lake varied, namely there are bright blue, slightly greenish blue and some even warm and some cold. Its uniqueness is very rarely found in other lakes in Indonesia!

Lake Weekuri has very clear water with a depth of water that is not deep enough, so it is very suitable for use by visitors to just play water and swim. Hidden behind lush trees and shrubs and far from the hustle of the city, the atmosphere around the lake still feels very beautiful.

Access to Tourist Locations
From Waikabubak (the capital of West Sumba Regency) or Tambolaka (the capital of Southwest Sumba Regency), visitors can first rent motorized vehicles / motorbikes in Tambolaka or Waikabubak. For car rental costs ranging from 500,000-600,000 rupiahs along with the driver and for motorbike rental costs around 100,000-150,000 rupiah per day.

Located about 60 km from Tambolaka which is the capital of Southwest Sumba Regency, access to this location is still quite difficult because there is no public transportation and its location is far from the city. There was not a single road guide to the location so visitors had to frequently ask the locals about the location of the lake. The condition of the road leading to the location of the lake varies, some points have smooth paved but there are some points that are still rocky and still in the process of hardening the soil. On the way to Weekuri, on the left side of the road you will see a French-owned resort that manages Mandorak Beach, one of the beaches in the Kodi region. Not far from there, you will enter the Lake Weekuri area which is marked by a guard post. There are a number of local residents who take care of the post and visitors only need to pay for their ticket to enjoy the beautiful lake. Next from the guard post, visitors still have to walk about 20 meters to get to the location of the lake.
Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of Lake Weekuri by playing water or swimming, visitors can also enjoy and explore its beauty from a height. Only need to walk along the trail to the west following the sound of the roar of the waves, visitors can climb the cliff that juts into the open sea. When climbing these coral rocks, visitors must be extra careful because the rocks are very sharp and sharp. From the top of the cliff top, visitors will feel a different sensation. Much more beautiful if you enjoy the panoramic view of the beauty of Lake Weekuri from the top of this coral hill. The blue ocean with its waves that hit a cluster of coral surrounding the lake will make visitors amazed. Lake Weekuri also looks like a blue pond when viewed from a height.

The right time to visit Lake Weekuri is 4pm. In the afternoon the sun starts leaning west so that the blue sky will reflect light into the lake, besides that, visitors can watch the sun set from the top of the cliff.

There are no supporting facilities in the lake area such as food stalls, toilets or even lodging. Visitors should be armed with food and soft drinks beforehand, so they can be eaten while enjoying the beauty of Lake Weekuri.

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