Helloindonesia.id – Braholo Cave witnesses the history of ancient life in the archipelago. In the cave located in Semugih Hamlet, Semugih Village, Rongkop District, Gunungkidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta, there are many fossils of animals aged thousands to tens of thousands of years.

One of the oldest fossils discovered by the National Archaeological Center Team is 33 thousand year old elephant teeth. The fossil was found at a depth of 6 to 7 meters.

In addition to elephant fossils, bones are also found in a number of types of animals aged between 3,000 to 7,000 years. Among them are deer scapula, monkey bones, pigs, dogs, rats, and buffaloes in a depth of 1-4 meters. This finding shows traces of a number of ancient animal species that once lived in Gunungkidul.

Allegedly strong, these animals are hunted by humans who lived thousands of years ago. It seems that humans who lived in the Braholo Cave at that time were used to hunting and then brought their hunting results to their homes for consumption.

In addition to animal fossils, human fossils were also found which were estimated to have lived 9,000 years ago. The shape of the fossil body that has been bent shows that humans were already familiar with the initial burial system. They are not ancient humans like those found in Sangiran, but modern humans (Homo sapiens) early. Currently the skeleton is still stored in the Pacitan Museum.

From the results of research, Goa Braholo keeps a very long history. Here are also found tools from the Neolithic era when humans began to find pots from clay around 2,000 to 2,500 thousand years ago.

The study of the Braholo Cave was first carried out in 1995 by the National Archaeological Research Center for Prehistory. The study was a follow-up to exploration in 1996.

Braholo Cave is located on the slopes of a karst hill, not so far from Bribin Cave which is famous for its underground river. To go to the location, visitors must climb the stairs. This cave is quiet from visitors because not many recognize it.

The mouth of the cave faces southwest, and is located at an altitude of 357 masl. While the cave floor, which is relatively flat and others sloping, is at an altitude of 352 masl. The height of the cave ceiling can reach 15 meters. The width of the cave room is 39 meters, and is 30 meters long. The area of ​​the cave reaches 1,172 square meters.

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