Gunongan Aceh – Alkisah, Sultan Iskandar Muda edited a beautiful girl from the State of Pahang, Malaysia, as his queen. Her name is Princess Kamaliah popularly known as ‘Putroe Phang’. The princess was also taken to Aceh, in the Darul World Palace, the sultan’s residence. After a long separation from his hometown, the empress began to miss the area of ​​Pahang. The district of Pahang was then described as a mountainous region with cool air.

Gunongan Aceh
Gunongan Aceh

Therefore, the Sultan built Gunongan in the middle of the Garden of Ghosts, which forms part of the Palace Garden. Like the Taj Mahal in India which was lovingly built by Mughal Syah Jehan for Mumtaz-Ul-Zamani, Gunongan is proof of Sultan Iskandar Muda’s love for his empress. According to the story, Putroe Phang daily plays with his court ladies here. The princess used to climb Gunongan as she used to do in the hills in her hometown of Pahang.

The ridge literally means the artificial mountain is a 9.5-meter tall building. This miniature hill building was built in the 17th century, the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda. With an octagonal shape (octagon), the Fringe looks like a flower in three layers. On one side is an entrance leading to the third pavilion, which is a stone pillar with a pearl-shaped crown in the middle.

The building became one of the remaining landmarks of the Sultanate of Aceh from the destruction of the Dutch colonial army. To this day, his existence remains intact. Not far from Gunongan, there is a carved stone Peterana. A cylindrical rock with a diameter of 1 meter, 0.5 meters high and a hole in the center. This petticoat is usually used by the empress to wash with flower water.

Near Gunongan, flows the Daroy Krueng river. This artificial river flows from Mata Ie to the Krueng Aceh river. To this day, the beauty of the Daroy Krueng flow can still be enjoyed by the Meuligoe Governor of Aceh.

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