Aceh Coffe

The Tradition of Drinking Coffee, Becomes a Lifestyle in Aceh – The people of Aceh cannot be separated from coffee. For this reason, we will meet many coffee shops in various parts of the country nicknamed the Veranda of Mecca. Both day and night, various layers of society in Aceh fill coffee shops to relax drinking coffee.

Aceh Coffe
Aceh Coffe

Not limited to the young to the old, men and women, poor and rich, all mingling without barriers. That said, coffee is like a breath for the people of Aceh that is difficult to separate from their daily lives since the days of the Aceh Sultanate.

The tradition of drinking coffee has been hereditary along with the development of Aceh as one of the world-class coffee-producing regions. Since the Dutch colonial era until now, there are at least two coffee production centers in Aceh, namely Ulee Kareng and Gayo. Ulee Kareng Coffee, which is a Robusta coffee, is produced from Ulee Kareng District.

Meanwhile, Gayo coffee which is a type of Arabica coffee on the world market is included in the premium coffee class. These two types of coffee make Aceh the name of one of the best coffee producers in the country, which dominates 40% of the domestic market.

Especially for Ulee Kareng Coffee, it can be said that almost all coffee shops in Banda Aceh offer coffee produced in this area. The processing of coffee grounds in these coffee shops has its own uniqueness.

Coffee powder is not just brewed with hot water but is cooked, so the aroma and flavor of coffee that comes out is really strong. This cooked coffee then undergoes several filtering processes using a cone-shaped filter.

At these coffee shops, coffee is generally offered in three variations, namely black coffee, milk coffee, and sanger. Black coffee and milk coffee may have often been encountered in other regions in Indonesia, but Sanger is a unique and original blend of Aceh.

At first glance it looks, this coffee is similar to milk coffee. But what is special about Sanger is the composition of milk and sugar that is not dominant to make the aroma and taste of the coffee more pronounced. The mixture of filtered coffee, condensed milk and sugar is then shaken until foamy.

Although times have changed, the culture of drinking coffee in the middle of the Aceh community is maintained. This tradition has continued to decline to the current generation of young people. What makes it different, at this time is the comfort and facilities offered by the management to determine whether a coffee shop is crowded or busy in Banda Aceh. Now, a comfortable layout and free internet hotspot (wifi) facilities generally attract more young people to spend long in the coffee shop.

However, for those who are true connoisseurs of genuine coffee, a simple stall that presents one of the best coffee concoctions in Aceh such as Kedai Solong in Ulee Kareng, remains the number one destination when they travel to Banda Aceh.

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