Gunung Padang Bunker – Gunung Padang does not only have a beautiful panorama and tragic love story of Siti Nurbaya and Samsul Bahri. This tourist area also keeps traces of the existence of Japanese occupation forces on earth Minangkabau in the era of World War II. This area is surrounded by a number of bunkers that are part of the Japanese territorial defense center in the western coastal region of Sumatra. These bunkers are the main attraction of historical tourism owned by the Minangkabau land.

Gunung Padang Bunker
Gunung Padang Bunker

Mount Padang is a small hill with a height of about 80 meters above sea level and is located on the south side of the city of Padang. This hill is direct across the Batang Arau River and is connected by the Siti Nurbaya Bridge to the city center. The people of the City of Padang named it Gunung Padang because this hill is the highest place around the city center. Because of the height of this location, the Japanese occupation forces made it their strategic defense center in Padang.

From the center of Padang City, we will cross the Siti Nurbaya Bridge to get to the gate of the Mount Padang tourist area. From the gate, we can directly buy tickets to the ticket window managed by the local community. The window guard can also help you find a guide if you need it. The presence of a guide will be very helpful to show us the locations of bunkers around this area. We can also explore various kinds of information and stories about the area of ​​Mount Padang and interesting parts that we are worth capturing.

From the gate, we will go along the trail up to the summit or approximately 15-30 minutes drive. On the left side of this path, we will find the Japanese heritage bunkers. Along the path to the top, there are three bunker points. One of them has a cannon with a barrel length of approximately 4 meters. At the top, there are still 4 other bunker points spread on the south and west sides.

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