History of Malin Kundang Stone in West Sumatra

Malin Kundang Stone

Helloindonesia – When talking about sons of disobedience, our minds must immediately be drawn to the legend of Malin Kundang. And if you are going to spend a vacation in West Sumatra, never miss an agenda to visit the attraction of Air Manis Beach and see Batu Malin Kundang. The stone which is the symbol of the lawless child will amaze you because of its shape which indeed resembles a man who is prostrating or lying face down on the ground. Not far from Batu Malin Kundang in the vicinity there are large rocks which are scattered and it is estimated that this is a large ship owned by Malin Kundang which also turned into stone.

Banana Island
Banana Island

Tourist attraction

The existence of Batu Malin Kundang is very interesting for tourists. The shape that resembles a human being really makes many people curious to see it. And to visit Batu Malin Kundang, of course, the main goal is Air Manis Beach. This beach with brownish white sand when the tide rises, the waves will hit the rock and can even close the Malin Kundang Stone when the tide is high, then the stones will resemble broken walls, certainly will be very visible beautiful.

Malin Kundang Stone
Malin Kundang Stone

Air Manis Padang Beach Not only that, if the sea water is receding, you can walk for a while to Pisang Island, a small island with an area of ​​about 1 hectare located not far from the edge of the Air Manis Beach. The journey to the island can be reached on foot only. This island can be used as a temporary resting place while eating the food you bring. But keep in mind, you can not linger on this Banana Island because a few hours later the sea water will gradually rise, so you can no longer return to the shores of the beach. Like other beaches, Air Manis Beach can also be a place to surf because the waves are quite stable. The Air Manis Beach area is often used by young people to camp together. For culinary matters, you don’t need to worry because your tongue will be spoiled with a variety of typical Padang dishes.

Local History

The formation of the Malin Kundang Stone like that was not an accident or the work of an expert carver. But Batu Malin Kundang was formed because there was indeed a story behind it. Long ago, there lived a boy named Malin Kundang. he is an orphan and only lives alone with his widowed and elderly mother. To help the mother, the Malin became a fisherman like his late father. Feeling sorry for his mother, Malin Kundang decided to go abroad to the city with the intention of wanting to change the life of himself and his mother to be better and not live in poverty. Then Malin also asked his mother’s permission to be allowed to go abroad, although with reluctance to approve the request of the child, the mother still gave up Malin Kundang to go abroad.

Batu Kapal Malin Kundang, Padang, Sumatra During the overseas even though Malin Kundang never returned home to see his mother. For many years his mother waited for the return of the child, all the same time every ship that landed the mother thought it was her child, Malin Kundang. It turned out that during the overseas Malin Kundang had been successful because he could marry a rich skipper’s daughter where he worked first. They fell in love and the skipper agreed that his daughter would be married by Malin Kundang because Malin Kundang was very persistent in his work. Then after marriage, wife Malin Kundang really wanted to meet with his in-laws.

At the request of his wife Malin Kundang finally agreed to return to his hometown by using his big ship, even though he was very heavy hearted because he did not want his wife to know that he came from a poor family. The news of Malin Kundang’s return was heard in the ears of the mother. Knowing that, Malin Kundang’s mother was waiting for the arrival of Malin Kundang’s ship on the seashore. When the ship Malin Kundang arrived at the seashore, Malin Kundang’s mother immediately approached him and called him a child. For fear that his wife knew, Malin Kundang denied that the frail and poor woman was her biological mother. Feeling not recognized as a mother by her biological child, her mother felt sad and angry, then her mother also offered a prayer that God would punish and curse her child into stone. At that moment came thunder and a big storm. Knowing the prayers of the mother heard by God, Malin Kundang tried to apologize by prostrating to the ground to his mother. But it was too late for him because the curse had happened to him until he became a stone, as well as the ship and the entire crew

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