Lake Tondano, the largest in North Sulawesi – This is the largest lake in North Sulawesi. This lake is in the Tondano area. Heading to this lake takes 50 minutes with a distance of 40 km from Manado City. Visitors will be invited to walk along the shores of the lake while enjoying the panoramic views of the mountains and hills around the lake. This is Lake Tondano, one of the lakes with beautiful views in North Sulawesi.

  • Lake Tondano, the largest in North Sulawesi
  • Lake Tondano, the largest in North Sulawesi

There are 3 mountains and 1 hill that surrounds the area around the lake, namely, Mount Lembean, Mount Kaweng, Mount Masarang and Mount Tampusu. One thing that is clearly visible is Mount Kaweang which appears to be towering from the edge of the lake.

From the lips of this lake, visitors who like fishing can also channel their hobbies. Lake Tondano is famous for being rich in fresh fish, fish such as mujair and sepat being the most abundant fish in this 4000 hectare lake.

The water stored in this lake is used to supply the water needs of the surrounding community. Sometimes on the shores of the lake there are ponds of fishermen who are neatly arranged to keep the fish from coming out.

The atmosphere around the lake feels so cool even though the day is so hot. No wonder some of the inns here offer direct views of the lake. This inn has been around since the 90s when this nature tour was visited by local and foreign tourists.

Behind the vastness of Lake Tondano which was formed from this volcanic eruption, there is a love story of two lovers who are not approved by their parents. This pair of lovers fled and then entered the forest in the Gunung Kaweng area. For violating the prohibition on marriage, as a result Mount Kaweng erupted causing a large puddle. This puddle later became Lake Tondano until now.

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