Helloindonesia.id – Implicitly, one of the culinary that is always targeted by tourists or newcomers every visit to the city of Medan is Lontong. But it is not that simple to stop at random rice stalls in the city, at least for us. Not all outlets provide morning rice cake whose presentation tastes truly extraordinary. And personally, not all outlets provide rice cake that matches my tongue.

RIce Cake
RIce Cake

Probably, the side dishes used to complement Ayin rice cake do not differ much from most vegetable rice cake. Jackfruit Vegetables, Tauco, Potato Chips, Potato Sauce, Chickpeas, and Red Chili are side dishes that you can also find elsewhere. Not a problem as those stuffs above are not its main hero.
What makes this food special is …

Sauce without coconut milk tasted very light. Obviously the taste is light because of the very strong savory taste in coconut milk, of course you won’t find it here. We can even add a few servings of rice cake and still be able to enjoy it comfortably and casually. Of course, they won’t tell the “secret” ingredient and we respect that.

The rice cake used also feels soft but firm, not sticky and not too soft. For me, it was just right.

There is one tip that we can convey for you who want to try Lontong Ayin. You can enjoy this lontong without coconut milk before 3 o’clock. Why? Because the clock is up. Ha ha ha! # recehmodeon … In fact, Ayin Rice Shops sell from 7am to 3pm.
Lontong Without Santan – New Favorite from Ayin Rice Shop 7

Located in line with the Materna Hospital on Jalan Teuku Umar, Kedai Nasi Ayin is quite easy to find. For you the first time to Medan, Jalan Teuku Umar can only be passed from the Attorney Street. Turning from Jalan Zainul Arifin will only make your wallet drained by numbers: D.

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