Bika Ambon – Bika Ambon is a typical snack in Medan. In Medan, Jalan Majapahit in the Medan Petisah area is the most famous Bika ambon sales area. In an area close to the city center, there are at least 40 shops selling this cake.

The exact history is not known about Bika Ambon. And it’s not known why it’s called Bika Ambon, not Bika Medan. However, there are a number of stories that developed accompanying the birth of Bika ambon, one of which mentions that this Bika was first made on Jalan Ambon, Medan.

Bika Ambon
Bika Ambon

The construction is said to be difficult or not, said to be easy or not Just so you know the trick, we can make your own bika ambon with excellent look and taste. Cake batter consists of coconut milk, flour, egg yolk, and sugar made with one to one composition.

Based on the story of one of the bika ambon sellers on Jalan Majapahit, Medan, so that the bika expands and is not stubborn, the eggs used must be chicken eggs that have just dripped the day before while the coconut milk must come from coconuts that grow on the beach.

Furthermore, the mixture is added coconut water for fermentation for a minimum of seven hours. After the fermentation process is complete, the dough is flavored as desired. Then the mixture is just baked in the oven for about an hour until the cake is ready to be served.

Generally, Medan’s specialty cakes are golden yellow, but now some are green or brown. Bika ambon usually can survive in the best condition for about four days because after that the cake starts to harden.

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