Menikmati Pesona Pulau Bohanga di Tumbak Minahasa Tenggara

Enjoying the Enchantment of Bohanga Island in Tumbak Southeast Minahasa – The beauty of Indonesia is an attraction that is able to attract domestic and foreign tourists. As an archipelagic country, Indonesia presents a panoramic view of natural beauty. Such as the sea, forests, hills, mountains and other stunning natural attractions. Amazing geographical conditions, there are natural scenery that can be enjoyed.

  • Menikmati Pesona Pulau Bohanga di Tumbak Minahasa Tenggara
  • Menikmati Pesona Pulau Bohanga di Tumbak Minahasa Tenggara
  • Menikmati Pesona Pulau Bohanga di Tumbak Minahasa Tenggara

The small island is no less interesting than the beauty of the island in general. From a distance, you can see the hut above the sea and the mangrove forest. Its name is bohanga island, a quiet and calm island far from the crowd. However, the beauty of this island is able to attract tourists. What is unique about this island is the mangrove area and Tumbak Island Cottage which is managed by French residents.

It is 10 minutes from Tumbak Village to Bohanga Island. There are accommodations on the water. With two rooms equipped with private bathrooms and fresh water provided. Even so, from the cottage we can enjoy a beautiful view of Bentenan Island to the left of Bohanga Island. When you sit on the terrace, you can see the ponteng island vaguely.

At the front of the inn you will find mangrove trees. But there’s no need to worry, apart from providing accommodation. Not far from the cottage you can enjoy the beautiful view under the sea. there are coral reefs and other marine biota that are really protected. This advantage makes local and foreign tourists visit to enjoy this island.

When visiting Bohanga Island, tourists can take a 3 hour drive from Manado City to Tumbak Village. After arriving at Tumbak Village, tourists can rent a boat to be able to go to bohanga island. It doesn’t take long, it only takes 15 minutes from Tumbak Village to this island. Tourists can enjoy the sea waves that are so calm and quiet.

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