Acehnese noodles are famous for spicy – Mie Aceh is one of the typical culinary delights of Aceh, which has a very spicy flavor. This dish uses the main ingredients of yellow noodles, which are mixed with special Acehnese spices.

Acehnese noodles are famous for spicy
Acehnese noodles are famous for spicy

Acehnese noodles are usually served with sliced ​​beef, mutton, or seafood, such as shrimp and squid. Above it is sprinkled with fried onions, melinjo crackers, raw red onion slices, raw cayenne pepper, slices of cucumber, and lime juice.

This typical Serambi Mekah dish is quite unique. There are 2 choices of presentation methods. Some are fried dry and some are fried. Wet Aceh noodles served with a little sauce, not full like boiled noodles. The sauce used is a thick and savory type of curry sauce. This is different from other Nusantara noodle dishes which tend to use clear and soft gravy.
Mie Aceh
Acehnese noodles are served in two ways, dryfried and some fried. (Photo:

Acehnese noodles use typical noodles with a thick and flat shape. The color of Acehnese noodles tends to be bright yellow, adding to the beauty of the dish. With spices like curry spices, this one culinary dish has a distinctive taste.

The main difference between Acehnese fried noodles from noodle dishes from other regions lies in the sharper concoction and spices. The main composition of the subtle spices of this dish is red chili, turmeric, cumin, cardamom, pepper, and garlic. Measuring the use of finely spiced concoctions that make the Acehnese noodles relatively strong has a strong taste in the mouth.

In addition, in contrast to generally fried or boiled noodles from Java, Acehnese noodles do not use eggs. Instead, smooth spices sauteed with complementary ingredients to order. Complementary materials used vary, ranging from beef, mutton, shrimp, squid, and crabs.

This typical Aceh dish is indeed rich in the taste of native Indonesian spices. No wonder that this dish is also made in accordance with the tongue of the local people who almost all like to eat spicy food.

You can easily find this food in stalls scattered in every corner of Banda Aceh City. At present, Acehnese noodles have also become a popular food in various parts of Indonesia.

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