nani arsik culinary

Nani Arsik, Typical Traditional Culinary of Toba North Sumatra – Nani arsik or naniarsik or arsik carp is a traditional culinary specialty of the Toba Batak. The main ingredient of goldfish uses a variety of herbs and spices. Not only has high taste, this culinary also has its own meaning and is part of the traditional Toba Batak community ceremony.

nani arsik culinary
nani arsik culinary

In Batak culture, carp symbolizes the purity of life and longevity. This meaning is obtained because of the habitat of carp that live in fresh water and have a long body. His life is clustered (marudur-udur) symbolizes a peaceful life from generation to generation.

That is why, in almost every Batak meal, there are dishes from fish, especially carp. In the traditional Toba Batak ceremony, for example, cooked carp is served in an elongated form in a dish called nani arsik.

Like most Batak foods, naming nani arsik is based on the cooking process. Nani arsik means to be dried or dried. The fish is cooked continuously until the sauce is dry and the marinade is absorbed. If the cooking process is correct, this dish can last up to 2 days without stale.

Not just food, Nani arsik is part of the Batak tradition that celebrates the life cycle, from birth, marriage, to death. In customary presentation, there are special procedures for presenting it.

That said, in giving Nani arsik, there are rules that need to be obeyed. Not just anyone can give Nani arsik. Only hula-hula or relatives from the wife’s side may give either the biological parents, the wife’s brothers, or the wife’s clan community.

served when ?

In traditional ceremonies, the number of fish given also has meaning. The amount must be odd.

One tail is for newly married couples. Three tails are for couples who have had children. Five tails are for couples who have grandchildren. Seven tails are for leaders or elders only.

Even so, this does not mean that one food should not be consumed for daily use. This Arsik fish can also be enjoyed at any time without having to wait for the traditional ceremony to be held. But of course, daily servings have different meanings and rules than those offered in traditional ceremonies.

Because of the strong meaning of this food for the Batak people, carp or used not carelessly. The best is red carp. Usually, goldfish are used without removing the scales. Just cleaned the stomach.

Another uniqueness is that the arsik fish uses herbs that are only found in North Sumatra, namely Andaliman. This is what certainly makes the artistic taste of this arsenic feel more distinctive and special.

At first glance, this is an arsenic like yellow fish which is found almost in various regions in Indonesia, but about taste, nani arsik has a different texture and taste. Andaliman, kecombrang, and batak onions provide a distinctive flavor to culinary that is only found in this Batak land.

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