Model Palembang – Model, hearing her name, maybe people outside South Sumatra did not think that the name of food. Just like most Palembang specialties, such as Tekwan, for example. The model is also made from the main ingredient in the form of mackerel fish. In fact, in general, tekwan and models are made from the same materials, it’s just different in the processing process.

Model Palembang
Model Palembang

Raw material for making “Model”

One culinary shop owner in the Musi River revealed that the materials used in making the model included mackerel fish, sago flour, eggs, and Chinese tofu. How to make it is not too difficult, at first clean the mackerel fish from thorns and scales, then stir the flavor while adding other ingredients in the form of eggs, salt, and enter little by little ice water while continuing to stir until it reaches a certain thickness.

After the model mixture is finished, shape the dough to make it possible to place Chinese tofu pieces on top. The dough that has been formed is then fried. To produce perfect results, the fire used for frying is set not to be too large. Similar to Tekwan’s culinary, the model is enjoyed along with shrimp sauce.

The model sauce is made using ingredients such as shrimp, onion and white, celery leaves, savory leaves, ear mushrooms, pepper. In making a model broth, the first thing to do is to separate the shrimp head from the body. Shrimp head does not need to be thrown away, but boiled in water to be made into soup. While the body of shrimp is sauteed together with other seasonings. The stir-fry is then put into the shrimp head’s cooking water. In order for the sauce flavor to permeate, the fried model is then inserted into the finished product.

How to serve “Model” food

The Palembang model is usually served with vermicelli noodles and cucumber slices. You can add chili or sauce, for those who enjoy the sensation of spicy taste. In Palembang, model sellers also usually sell tekwan, this is because the ingredients are the same, only there is a slight difference in the way they are processed. One portion of the usual model is sold at Rp 10,000, a relatively affordable price to enjoy this delicious culinary from Palembang, let alone enjoyed while looking at the historic
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