Lenggang Culinary

Helloindonesia.id – In addition to Mpek-mpek, Palembang’s culinary that is no less famous is quiet. Just like the mpek-mpek, the lenggang is also made from a basic ingredient of a mixture of wheat flour. With processed fish meat, and is enjoyed with a splash of spices.

Although the basic ingredients used are almost the same. The fundamental difference between the lenggang and mpek-mpek lies in the way it is made. The dough is made thicker than the milks that tend to be denser. The dough is filled with ingredients such as flour and fish meat mixture and seasonings. After the mixture is mixed then stir until the dough thickens.

The finished dough is then baked using banana leaves. Box-shaped banana leaves as a container for baking. The selection of banana leaves as a baking container is not without cause. The article is by using banana leaves, more pleasant aroma and smell when roasted.

The uniqueness of the Lenggang

Uniquely, the roasted bark has been processed half-cooked, half-cooked dough is then added to duck eggs and then stirred again in a banana leaf container, then the dough is turned over until all parts are cooked.

Similar to the mpek-mpek, enjoying the leisure also uses a splash of water made from water, sugar, cuko, ebi shrimp, scour of cayenne pepper, and some seasoning mixtures. There are unique tips for enjoying the swing so that the aroma of the cuko and the taste of the fusion blend, namely by inhaling the cuko after biting.

Pamor lenggang as Palembang’s traditional cuisine is indeed still inferior to Mpek-mpek. Even so, the sense of freeze is no less tasty with Mpek-mpek. In the city of Palembang, lenggang sellers can be easily found, one of which is in the culinary market on the edge of the river musi. Opened starting at 4 pm, the price of Rp10,000 / portion is often used up at 7 pm.

With an affordable price, free time to be the right snack when relaxing together in the afternoon. Moreover, enjoying the stroll while looking at the Musi River which is decorated with the Ampera Bridge, will certainly be an exciting and unforgettable experience in the city of Palembang. Footnote – indonesiakaya.com
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