Pletek, Savory Snacks
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Pletek, Savory Snacks Typical of Belitung Island – In addition to environmental sauce and cake cake, Belitung also has special foods that are usually used as souvenirs for families at home, pletek. This culinary glance looks the same as the getes from Bangka. Pletek has a rather elliptical shape and is brownish white. When chewed, these snacks taste tasty and delicious. […]

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Measles “Campak” Art, Performing on Stage – On stage, female choirs and male spectators who are skilled in rhyming one after another reciprocate rhymes. While dancing, rhyme after rhyme came out and entertained the audience. Who packed the stage at Tanjung Pendam Beach where the art was held. Yes, this is measles, traditional art of Belitung. In the measles dance, […]

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Model Palembang
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“Model” food is also special from Palembang – Model, hearing her name, maybe people outside South Sumatra did not think that the name of food. Just like most Palembang specialties, such as Tekwan, for example. The model is also made from the main ingredient in the form of mackerel fish. In fact, in general, tekwan and models are made from the […]

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