Campak – On stage, female choirs and male spectators who are skilled in rhyming one after another reciprocate rhymes. While dancing, rhyme after rhyme came out and entertained the audience. Who packed the stage at Tanjung Pendam Beach where the art was held. Yes, this is measles, traditional art of Belitung.


In the measles dance, female choirs provoke male spectators. Who can rhymes to advance to the stage and compete with rhymes? While waiting, they sang a song whose poems contained rhymes in the Belitung language.

Interesting one. If a male audience who gets on stage feels defeated in rhymes, he will give a certain amount of money to the female singer.

In measles art, the accompanying music consists of piyul (violin), gongs, drums, and keyboards. This music will continue to accompany the singers and the visitors to dance while fighting pantun.

History of Measles “Campak” Art

Measles dance entered Belitung via Seliu Island in the 18th century, brought by a dancer named Nek Measles. Gradually, measles developed into a social dance that was fun and attracted the interest of the Belitung.

Measles art can be divided into two, namely land measles and sea measles. If land measles is used as a social dance, the sea measles brought by the Sawang tribe is a happy dance followed by singing and performed in pairs.

Usually, sea measles is carried out late into the night and sometimes becomes a place to find a partner.

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