kopi rarobang

Helloindonesia.id – Rarobang coffee is basically Arabica coffee which indeed grows in many parts of Indonesia. However, this drink is a modification of the local population who mixes typical Ambon spices into the presentation. Coffee drinks are already known to have calming benefits and have their own pleasures compared to other warm drinks, but it is said that through Kopi Rarobang the predecessors of the Ambonese community want more benefits than just soothing delicious coffee. They want this drink to also provide health benefits for those who enjoy it and this is obtained from spices which have always been the main produce in the Maluku region.

rarobang coffe
rarobang cofee

To make it, the main ingredients such as Arabica coffee, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, sugar, lemongrass, and walnuts are prepared. Then, all ingredients except walnuts are put together in boiling hot water and cooked until boiling. After cooking, the boiled water is filtered to get a different coffee mixture than usual. As a final preparation, sliced ​​walnuts are sprinkled on top of the coffee that has been served in the cup. If you like milk coffee, a little condensed milk can also be poured and mixed into the Rarobang Coffee dish to be enjoyed immediately.

The distinctive aroma of coffee is combined with spices such as ginger, cloves, and lemongrass. This is the characteristic of Rarobang Coffee. The aroma of coffee that is already strong is further strengthened by a blend of warm spices. This drink can provide calm while restoring a tired body condition after a day of work, this is why Rarobang coffee is usually enjoyed in the afternoon when workers have just returned from their jobs.

Indonesia has long been known as one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world, but who would have thought that not only coffee was abundant but modification initiatives such as Kopi Rarobang emerged from the local wisdom of the Indonesian people. This coffee deserves to be immortalized as a typical Maluku coffee with various uniqueness in it. In addition to providing flavor and benefits for the audience, Rarobang Coffee also emerged from one region in the archipelago that did not have coffee plantations.

Fun studying and enjoying Rarobang Coffee, time passed without feeling and the sky was dark. Maluku’s distinctive music still sounds beautiful accompanying, but the Rarobang coffee in the cup along with the banana sambal snack is gone. It seems it’s time to go home, have dinner and rest after a day of work. The tired body has returned fresh, but the pleasure of Rarobang Coffee still feels warm and enjoyable throughout the body of the audience.


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