Helloindonesia.id – The kingdom of Srivijaya developed in the 8th to 12th centuries, more or less contemporary with Mataram Hinduism. This kingdom is a maritime kingdom that has a very intensive fleet and trading activities by sea with the center at the mouth of the Palembang Musi river.

The Muara Takus temple was built during the kingdom of Srivijaya. (Source: Flickr / Dandin)

This Srivijaya kingdom is also home to the growth of Buddhism-based civilizations. Sriwijaya has trade, knowledge and cultural interactions with India, China, Khmer and the Middle East. The I-Tsing record shows this connection in the record of his journey to Sriwijaya.

In its development, the greatness of Srivijaya lies in its very strong maritime activities and interactions. In this pattern, the Srivijaya kingdom was supported and received participation from regional powers such as India, China, Khmer (Cambodia). These traces of greatness are found in notes and inscriptions that show the greatness of Srivijaya.

Because of its maritime nature, traces such as temples are not widely obtained, or may still be stored in the soil layer. The Kedukan Bukit inscription and Talang Tuwo are reference sources. Then, the giant Muaro Jambi temple, Muara Takus, Biaro Bahal shows the deeper Srivijaya origin, namely Jambi. It is also shown that there are regional images that can point to areas that might exist within the Sriwijaya region.

The important point of Srivijaya also lies in its efforts to reach out to dynasties on Java, namely Mataram Hinduism. Through Balaputra Dewa and Samaratungga, relations between civilizations are woven and symbols between civilizations are expressed together in the Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple. Efforts to reach Mataram Hinduism are also motivated by mutual support.

Srivijaya is also appreciated for developing governance that supports maritime orientation, namely by following a calm estuary and ports. This model at the same time follows the lines of shipping that become the vein of interaction between regional powers. It cannot be said to be a war, but this governance allows quick action to be taken in trade, and actions that need to be taken in a dispute.

What cannot be denied also from the role of Srivijaya is the role of knowledge. Both in literature, stellar science, shipping, and became the first major kingdom in which Malay language was used as the language of daily communication or the lingua franca.

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