The pine forest of Mangunan Dlingo, Bantul immediately became the hottest image on the 9GAG site (13/5). In the photo that has been commented on 1,927 people on average amazed by the design of the open stage in the Forest Pinus Mangunan Dlingo, Bantul Yogyakarta. Until this article was written, the photo has earned points from readers over 6,844 points.

In the post it says ‘What band / singer would be suitable to have a concert there?’ (Who is the band / singer that is suitable for the concert there). Suddenly this question gets answers that shake the stomach. Unfortunately, the post does not include the location of Pinus Mangunan Dlingo Forest, Bantul, Yogyakarta. Though could be one of the promotion of Indonesian charm in social media

Some answers suggest names or singers like Justin Timber-lake, Green Day, to Linkin Park Logs which is a pun of Linkin Park.

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The Pushing Forests of Dlingo Mangunan, Bantul is one of the alternative pine forests in addition to the pine forests of the Magelang self-esteem. Location Forest Pus Mangunan Dlingo, Bantul is indeed adjacent to tourist attractions such as Mangunan plantation to the dining area of ​​the kings of the Sultanate of Mataram Yogyakarta.

Dung Punggung Mangunan Forest, Bantul is an open area that is very charming. The towering tall trees will be a special charm for couples to do a romantic selfie in the Forest Pus Mangunan Dlingo Bantul.

Pus Pinus Mangunan Dlingo, Bantul also became one of the cyclists’ destinations from Yogyakarta. Not much different with the location of Cliffs Palace Bandung which is often a gathering place for hobby fans mountain bikes. The climbing path will be a challenge for the cyclists themselves.

Yogyakarta is now in the middle of the hits after the filming of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2. Even the audience is curious about the shooting places AADC 2 around Yogyakarta. One of the most visited ones is Punthuk Setumbu and Chicken Church in Magelang, Central Java.

Although known as the Chicken Church, according to locals, the place is actually called Bukit Rema. And a building similar to the chicken is not a chicken, but a pigeon. But tourists already know him with the Church Chicken.

Forest Pus Mangunan Dlingo, Bantul is already available public toilet facilities. Even also have built a viewing post on the tree. Be careful and be patient to stand in line, because the capacity of the substation of view in the Forest Pus Mangunan Dlingo, Bantul is very limited. Prioritize safety and do not be too eager to get the most attractive spot selfie.

No need to be confused if it is time for prayer for Muslim traveler and Muslim backpacker. Because it has been built small mosque to accommodate the tourists who want to worship prayers in the tourist area of ​​Pinus Mangunan Dlingo, Bantul.


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Distance from Yogyakarta city center about 23 kilometers. The location of Pinus Mangunan Dlingo Forest, Bantul can be reached for approximately 60 minutes by motor vehicle from the city center.

Besides peak Kalibiru in Kulonprogo, not far from Dlingo Mangunan Forest, there is also Becici peak tourism area which has an instagramable viewing institute. Do not miss to visit Becici peak after a visit to Pusutan Forest Mangunan Dlingo Bantul Yogyakarta.

Access Road Towards Pine Forest Mangunan Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta

The pine forest of Mangunan Dlingo, Bantul is so high that it forms like a natural canopy. While under the pine forest trees, the incoming light beam will look very beautiful especially in the morning. No wonder if the Forest Pinus Mangunan Dlingo, Bantul has become one of the popular tourist destinations in Yogyakarta.

Pusher Forest Mangunan Dlingo, Bantul is located in the village of Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta. This forest is said to be originally a barren land that has no life. Until finally experiencing greening with pine trees planted. This beautiful pine forest area is an area managed by the Mangunan forest manager. However, the administrative area of ​​Pinus Mangunan Dlingo Bantul Forest is still in Imogiri area.

The way to the Dunting Mangunan Pine Forest, Bantul is not too difficult. Its location is in the southern part of Yogyakarta. The easiest way is to walk the East Imogiri street. By tracing the road to the tomb of Imogiri king of Bantul.

Before reaching Imogiri Bantul there is a fork in the direction of Mangunan. The passage will be divided into two destinations, one of which is the Mangunan orchard and the Pung Forest Mangunan Dlingo Bantul. Access road is good enough but it is advisable to use high vehicles because the road terrain is quite uphill.

The uniqueness of Pinangan Forest Mangunan Dlingo

This pine forest area is often used as a tourist attraction for young people. No wonder the region is well known in social media like Instagram. Moreover, coupled with the construction of an open stage that can be used for theater space, literature, until the music performances in the open area is cool.

The stage and the audience benches are designed in a semi-circle. All the focus leads the benches on stage. Materials benches and stilts are all taken from tree wood that still looks its original shape. This is what makes the open space platform of Pus Pinus Mangunan Dlingo Bantul Yogyakarta become unique and interesting.


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In addition to often used as one of the destinations of young people, Forest area Pinus Mangunan Dlingo, Bantul is also never escaped from the location of pre-wedding photoshoot to video clips advertising. Even some people call it is the scene of a romantic movie Twilight.

Best Time to Visit Pine Forest Mangunan Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta

An attractive tourist destination will be a magnet for travelers and backpackers. So, the best time to visit this beautiful tourist destination is during weekdays. If you can just visit at the weekend, come early early in the morning so you can really explore more angles for selfie or photographs of the natural beauty of Pusher Forest Mangunan Dlingo Bantul when the new sun comes up.


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Golden time to visit the Pus Pus Dingo Forest, Bantul is around 06.00 – 10.00 WIB or at 15.00-18.00 WIB. Nothing wrong if it comes during the day, especially from the Forest Pinus Mangunan Dlingo, Bantul is also not too far away with other interesting tourist destinations in Mangunan, Bantul. Among the orchards Mangunan and Becici Peak that can be one of the best selfie destinations in Bantul Yogyakarta.

Traveling Tips in Pine Forest Mangunan Dlingo, Bantul, Jogja

It’s good to use a private vehicle. If you want to really make it easier to suggest using two-wheeled vehicles. But be careful during the rainy season because the road will be quite slippery especially when the rain. So also the condition of the tourist location will be a little misty, thus reducing visibility.

If using a four-wheeled vehicle, use a fairly high vehicle and able to climb well. The road is quite steep and climbing. Try to be steered by an experienced person. Make sure the vehicle is parked safely and do not ever leave valuables in the vehicle.

Although the location of this tour is free to visit does not mean without rules. Please do not throw cigarette butts at random because the cigarette fire can ignite a fire in the Pusutan Forest Mangunan Dlingo Bantul. Put the trash in place and be polite. The pine forest of Mangunan Dlingo is not a place to do immoral or teenage deeds. Notice the norms and manners held in Imogiri. Moreover, the location is not far from the tomb of King Mataram sacred by the citizens of Yogyakarta.

If you want to bring food, note not to wrap with rice or plastic paper. Try to wrap food with places that do not cause garbage. It would be wise if we did not throw any garbage in the Pusbus Forest area of ​​Mangunan Dlingo Bantul.


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Entrance to Pine Forest Mangunan Dlingo

The entry fee has not yet been enforced in Pinangan Mangunan Dlingo Bantul Forest. There is even no charge for the use of DSLR cameras though. But for shooting and crowd permission there must be a permit from the local village management and officials.

Levies levied by the manager are only very affordable parking fees. To park the motor is only charged Rp 3,000 only, while for the car parking fee is only charged Rp. 10,000 only. Very cheap considering there is no retribution ticket imposed for visitors who come to the Forest Pushing Dungging Banting this. For parking bus pegged Rp. 20,000. As for pre-wedding photo permit set at a price of Rp. 50,000.

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