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Holiday Tips To Beach, Everyone in the world would need a holiday name is not it? … Holiday is one activity where people will be relaxed and enjoy, they will certainly release all the fatigue in carrying out his work for hours every day.

Vacation does not have to go overseas kok, in the city was not less cool with who was there. The diversity of the island in Indonesia makes a lot of differences that must be one of the main factors to attract local and foreign tourists come to Indonesia.

For example for the island that we will discuss this time is the island of Java. Who does not know this island, an area that is the densest place in Indonesia. But if agan-agan all see the other side of the island of Java there is a newly bloomed district that is Pangndaran Regency.

Pangandaran area is famous for its exotic beaches. Not only beach but also many other tourist destinations such as rivers, mountains, waterfalls and other interesting places. What agan-agan are all interested? guaranteed to melt.

Hi you ! he you … you are there, already on vacation yet to the beach? in Pangandaran many coastal tourist destinations loh … want to know what beach aja? there are Karapyak beach, Karang Nini, Putri Valley, West and East coast of Pangandaran, Batu Hiu, Bojong Salawe, Batu Karas, and Madasari Beach.

All the beaches have different characters and will certainly make agan-agan all comfortable and relaxed. Excitement holiday with family and friends to the beach will certainly be a moment that will not be forgotten, agree? The waves that we hear, the expanse of sand and the warmth of the sun that add to the fun of all agan-agan holidays. In addition, holidays to the beach can also make the mind more fresh and clear.

In accordance with our title from Pangandaran Wisata Seru will give to all agan-agan 7 tips of exciting holiday to the beach. Want to know what ajah tipsnya, try to see the explanation below.

Family (family)
Vacation without a family of course there is less is not it? so sempatkanlah holiday even though it’s all day important you can exclaim with family. Excitement of the holiday is created from togetherness with family.

When agan-agan all the holidays to the main beach of the foremost never forget the name of the camera, Because what? the same moment will not come twice so document your moments with your beloved family.

What is that? Degree of Exciting Feeding Mat. It means behind our simplicity by rolling the mats on the beach to eat with the family while enjoying the cool beach breeze. Excitement to eat like this would be rare you feel, so take advantage of your vacation with as much as possible with the family.

Avoid Direct Sunlight
When agan-agan all vacation to the beach try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight irradiated on the skin at certain hours. As at 10:00 to 14:00 agan-agan all advised not to be exposed to direct sun like sunbathing, playing sand in the heat of the sun. If agan-agan all tetep willing to do the activity is suggested to use sunblock, umbrella, and so forth.

Drink plenty of water
Although this is trivial but can be fatal … so for agan-agan who want to play to the beach is advised to drink a lot of water, because sometimes because it is too cool to play forget everything.

Tips above will definitely membut your holiday and family more exciting and comfortable, try to do the tips above now also guaranteed to make a vacation to your monitor into a holiday that will never be forgotten.

Anyone interested in going to Pangandaran beach vacation? do not worry in Pangandaran tour not only the beach but still many tourist attractions and rides activities that you miss just like that. For that we offer you a package tour to Pangandaran there is a package that 2 days 1 night and 3 days 2 nights. In this package we have 3 categories: silver, gold and platinum category, in each category we present 5 package tour design that is family, corporate meeting, outbound, employee gathering and lastly fullboard plus. In it contains facilities, tourism activities, roun down activities, destination destinations, hotels & inns, culinary delights and more sbagainya. Guaranteed … the atmosphere of togetherness with your family will be more exciting and super supper kariuuu !!


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