Helloindonesia.id – Indonesia is very well known as a literary country, why is that. because many various regions have their own literary or literary culture. one of the most influential is Malay culture in Sumatra province. and this time we will discuss the tradition of replying to the “batombe” rhyme in West Sumatra.


Not only save extraordinary cultural and culinary wealth. West Sumatra also feeds interesting and unique arts. His creation is inseparable from cultural processes and local customs. Besides being unique, the art also has a deep meaning and history for the people of West Sumatra.

If you visit Nagari Abai, Sangir Batang Hari Subdistrict, South Solok Regency, West Sumatra, there is Batombe art which is a local art scene. This one art is unique because it was accidentally created considering that this art was first played to entertain and encourage people who were working together to make the Gadang House.

Batombe art begins with the reading of the opening rhyme by a datuk. The players then enter the arena and make a circle. Players consist of 10 men and 3 women. 12 of them moved dancing to form a line of links. While 1 other danced in a circle.

Batombe art is accompanied by cheerful music. The musical instruments used usually consist of drums and talempong. Both are played quickly following the rhythm of the dances and songs performed by the batombe players. The joy of the dance spurred more adrenaline and enthusiasm so that at the end, the witnesses usually joined and danced together.

The joy of music and dance in batombe art is increasingly festive with the clothes used by dancers. The dancers use special clothing resembling a randai or silat player. The color of the clothes is lively and varies from red, green, yellow and black. The heads of the dancers are also usually equipped with golden yellow headbands.

At first, the tradition of batombe art stems from the tradition of building the Gadang House. That said, the people of Nagari Abai are still very quiet and enveloped in various threats ranging from various wild animals and weather. Therefore the community took the initiative to build a Gadang House that could be occupied together.

Since the decision, the community began to build a Gadang house together. But it turned out that the community began to get tired and tired of building the Rumah Gadang. Seeing this, some people have ideas to encourage by singing pantons, dancing and playing musical instruments. The workers returned their enthusiasm and completed the construction of the Gadang House.

Batombe art is indeed unique. Some traditions originate from habits that have been carried out such as slaughtering a goat or sheep. This is maintained in order to maintain the noble values ​​of the habit. As a cultural art and tradition of the nation, the community also retains one of Indonesia’s cultural riches.

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